About Chef Scott

With over twenty years of culinary experience, native New Orleanian, Chef Demietriek Scott, is the Executive Chef and Proprietor of NOLA Foods™ and its complements Chef Scott's Creole BBQ and Chef Scott & Co, a brand promoting the personal and philanthropic efforts Scott is passionate about. 

Starting from humble beginnings, Scott has turned a lifelong dream into a successful reality. Lending his expertise to kitchens in and around New Orleans and Atlanta and working in five star and diamond hotels and restaurants to include Hotel Monteleone, Windsor Court Hotel, Commanders Palace, Palace Cafe, and the Morial Convention Center have been a precursor to Chef Scott’s passion for his brand.

“Working at hotels and restaurants throughout the city of New Orleans really helped me understand how to refine a product and produce it on a large scale. From that experience, I have grown into one of the crescent city’s largest local brands. We’ve tested several of our products in local stores like Rouses and Whole Foods, as well as at events and festivals over the last several years and the reception and response has been amazing.”

Having participated for many years in the French Quarter Festival, Treme Gumbo Festival produced by the Jazz and Heritage Festival and Foundation, and Jazz in the Park, Chef Scott has won his fair share of awards with the most notable being a first place championship at a 100 Black Men of Atlanta competition in 2006 submitting his white chocolate bread pudding as well as a Top 10 finisher in the barbecue sauce category at Hogs For The Cause BBQ and Music Festival in 2016. 

Throughout his culinary journey beginning in 1996, Chef Scott, a 2001 Delgado Culinary Arts graduate, has celebrated many triumphs and overcome a few challenges, but all things led to the inception of NOLA Foods™ in 2011. 

Since establishing his own brand in the historic Treme neighborhood, Scott has found his stride as a restauranteur and entrepreneur and continues to develop his appreciation for fine cuisine while perfecting his street-style food service from his award-winning custom smokers.  

One of Scott’s signature offerings, the “OrigiNO Ghetto Burger,” inspired by the hamburgers his mother made when he was growing up, continues to be a top seller. Made with the freshest ingredients, this mouth-watering burger features the brand’s very own Rebirth Creole BBQ Sauce - a beautiful savory and spicy tomato based product.   

“We couldn’t afford to buy hamburgers from fast food restaurants, so when my mom would make her own hamburgers, I was right there in the kitchen watching her in front of the stove. I’ve been asked why I call my burger the Ghetto Burger. We used to make a burger in the ghetto - the St. Bernard housing projects - and that’s where I learned how to do it myself and I never forgot that, so now I pay homage to my mother and my humble beginnings in my food; food that is embraced and loved by more people than I can count ten times over.”

Chef Scott’s mentor and teacher, retired Air Force colonel Quito McKenna of the famous Lillie’s Q in Destin, Florida, introduced him to the art of slow cooking meat and that’s where the idea of Chef Scott’s Creole BBQ as a brand began. Taking the knowledge he learned from his mentor along with the regimented work ethic of his military driven family members, Chef Scott decided his staple barbecue needed to be synonymous with what he was familiar with and what he was rooted in and that was honoring his Creole heritage and more specifically, his great-great-great grandmother who was a Creole slave, so he redefined barbecue entirely.

In addition to the “OrigiNO Ghetto Burger,” another homage to the city of New Orleans, Chef Scott’s Creole BBQ menus include slow smoked meats featuring his signature product offerings and his line of Creole sauces and seasonings. Alongside the brand’s Rebirth Creole BBQ Sauce, Fiya Water, a carribean-based flavor profile of pineapple and mango infusions and Beer Bee-Q, a sauce made with handcrafted beer from New Orleans Brewing Company, a local brewery crafting a cultural experience in each glass, rounds out the many years of experimenting to create a perfect and unique trifecta of Creole sauces to please the palates of his thousands of fans and followers. 

Chef Scott’s award-winning Creole BBQ sauces and award-winning desserts, featuring “ooey gooey” cakes, pies and pralines, as well as his ability to provide a top-notch dining experience outside of jerk chicken, brisket, sausage, and hamburgers, is why NOLA Foods™ and its complements are expanding into a national and international brand with a presence that will transcend the ebb and flow of southern style cuisine. 

“This brand is built right here in New Orleans - my personal and professional home. Same as Zatarain’s, same as Tony Chachere’s, Community Coffee, and PJ’s. We want to appeal to anyone looking for an authentic culinary experience, with nothing but hard work, commitment, and the love that’s in my heart from being able to grow up in my beloved New Orleans.”